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OEM representation

OEM representation

OEM representation

Piaggio Aerospace

As an authorized Service Centre RAS provides full technical support to all owners and operators flying the Avanti, Avanti II or the new Avanti EVO. With full support from Piaggio Aerospace we are dedicated to make sure that your P180 is and remains a valuable asset and takes you there where you want to go and when you want to go, efficiently and safe.

We provide the P180 owners and operators with maintenance support, SB compliance and provide after sales warranty support.

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Pratt & Whitney Canada

Pratt & Whitney Canada Designated Maintenance Facility

Rijnmond Air Services has been appointed by Pratt & Whitney Canada as one of their first DMF’s in Europe  for both PT6A series, PT6E-67XP and PW500 series engines.

For the PT6 series engines RAS provides on-wing HSI as well as shop work like fuel nozzle functional tests. RAS not only performs the HSI’s in Rotterdam but the MRT is available at any location in the world upon customers’ request with the full support of P&WC for both PT6 series as well as the PW500 series engines.

At home base facilities RAS services the PT6A/E and PW500 engines in its engine shop and provides P&WC with PRI (Post Rental Inspections).

RAS field support services MRT can be deployed within just a few hours and support can be requested through P&WC CSC Mobile Repair Team Control Centre:

Pratt & Whitney Canada, Customer Service Centre Europe GmbH

Mobile Repair Team Control Centre

Tel:  +49 (0) 33 78 824 9009
Fax: +49 (0) 33 78 824 805

Or you may contact us direct at with your inquiries.

Designated Maintenance