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Interior refurbishment

Interior Refurbishment

Improve the appearance and value of your aircraft while keeping your downtime to a minimum

We can perform interior work on seats, side-panels, carpets, air stairs, cabinets and other interior parts while these have been removed for maintenance access, structural inspections etc. This will ensure that your interior upgrade is not only done efficient but also very cost effective.

With our care for detail and the support of Part 21 partners and interior craftmen we deliver a superb finish which will impress you and your guests.

Please contact us with your inquiries. We will be happy to assist you with the full process of all aspects of complete or partial interior refurbishment projects.

Case study: Cessna 560XLS

  • Complete ship carpet replacement for cabin & cockpit,
  • All sidepanels, sideledges, upper cabin and ceiling upholstery renewal,
  • All gold coloured metal parts replating to brushed aluminium including washroom sink, spigot, all latches, eyeballs, reading light armatures, cupholders, seatbelt buckles etc.,
  • All aft cabin and refreshment center mirrors replaced,
  • All veneer elements refurbished with Aero Visto decor film application including new leather table inlays,
  • Interior placards renewed,
  • Complete cockpit upholstery repaint and side pockets refurbishment,
  • Crewseats refurbished with new leather and sheepskin application,
  • All cabin seats, toilet seats and 2 place divan refurbished with new VIP Aero Visto leather with custom double stitching,
  • All seatbelts rewebbed in new matching colours,
  • Renewal of all window blinds and trimming,
  • Complete airstairs refurbishment including painting and new upholstery,
  • Complete burntesting of materials and design approval certification.

Interactive video: interactive 560XLS by RAS