Base Maintenance

The RAS organisation has been in business for over 35 years during which it has optimised its Base-Maintenance structure to serve you also with major maintenance inputs. Our maintenance processes and control are not only focussed on high quality and throrough inspections but also on the communication with you as owner/operator of the aircraft and so keeping you in direct control of the whole process by regular updates on progress and costs before we proceed with the next steps.

These Base Maintenance procedures ensure transparancy and enables you to participate actively during the maintenance input to discuss costs and leadtimes before they happen and to work with a maintenance partner who has the experience and DNA of an operator.

The RAS maintenance team works a two-shift system during weekdays between 07:00 – 23:00 hrs and is also available for support during weekends.

Our main facilities can provide you or your maintenance representatives with private office space and access to our maintenance facilities so that you can oversee our activities during your aircraft maintenance input. With hotel facilities adjecent to ours you are always close and yet to enjoy some rest and relaxation. Also direct connections to Rotterdam city centre, The Hague and Amsterdam are just around the corner.