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Pre-purchase inspections

Pre-purchase inspections

Advise, support and Pre-buy Inspections

We can assist you during your aircraft purchase with advise, support and Pre-buy Inspections and guide you through this complex process of acquiring your own aircraft.

Our team is capable and very experienced to perform a thorough Pre-puchase inspection. Together with you, our team assembles a checklist with area’s that are advised to be inspected based on the typical aircraft type, age, country of origin, aircraft availability and many other factors thus providing you with a tailered inspection list and quotation for the job. A typical PPI normally includes a general engine boroscope inspection, desk research for maintenance/damage history, completeness and compliance with current CAA requirements as well as an interior and exterior inspection for the aircraft condition, damage and rate of wear and tear.

A full inspection report will be provided including a classification and recommendation for the inspection findings reported.