CAMO plus

Continuing airworthiness management

Good maintenance management must provide the operator with cost benefits while keeping its maintenance standards on a high level and grounding time as low as possible.

Such Maintenance Management requires specialists and experienced people for whom the customer’s benefits are the first priority, both in quality and efficiency.

RAS procedures keep track of maintenance requirements, regulations and work preparation packages for its customers while keeping the customer in control of his maintenance.
Due to the transparency of our maintenance management the
customer can optimize his maintenance/flight schedule while being able to plan ahead, avoiding unpleasant surprises and AOG situations for scheduled maintenance.

ARC privilege and AMP set-up and approval

Under our CAMO + approval we can supply EASA Part MAG, subpart I Airworthiness Review services and offer contracts to create a controlled environment for the owner/operator. Our scope of approval also provides in house capability to set-up your mandatory, customized Aircraft Maintenance Programme and approve this without the need for a separate approval by the aviation authorities.

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